lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

What to Wear This Spring 2016?

Hi girls, this is my first post. It is high time to think deeply what to wear for the warmer weather since spring season has officially sprung. So as expected, the spring trend is beginning to set in. In actuality, it is absolutely the time to begin figuring out which trends you prefer to participate in this season. Needless to say, this is the right time to start picking the wardrobes that will look good on you. Be prepared to be delighted with these warm-weather styles that can suit your lifestyle.

This spring season, something bold, wide-ranging and big embellishment is absolutely in. for sure, you will start seeing such styles on the street and you may think of them as strange embellishments but these are actually what’s considered the best and the latest trend for spring season.  These are best worn when going out, when attending special gatherings or events or going to the clubs.

Take in mind that the technique is to make a statement without the need to be ridiculously excessive. You can start searching for the latest trends which can best fit your personality and current lifestyle. The good thing is that you can wear something sparkling without appearing over-the-top even when you are the boss.

Here are some guides you can consider for the latest spring fashion:

           Please be guided that it is pivotal to pick colors that come with wide and bold stripes. More than that, always aim for contrasting and bright hues in order to create a captivating statement- in any silhouette, that is from plain causal shirts to decorated cocktail dresses. 

           You may also try exposing a little skin by opting for off-the-shoulder outfits. There are cutouts and bizarre sleeves as well that add just the precise amount of appeal.

           Go for classic leather shoe styles. In so doing, you can achieve a classy look and at the same time it won’t be difficult to match when choosing what outfit to wear.

           On the other hand, when it comes to handbags, be specific in terms of the color. Opt for the one that can suit your weekend travels and night outs. Choose oversized bags for travels and small sized ones for parties.

           It is true that striped shirts are always an obsession. Striped pants, dresses and skirts certainly take over this spring.

          Statement earrings are a hit this year. In point of fact, the more structured and graphic the earrings are the better.  Keep in mind that it is quite appealing to go for abstract shapes that come in bright hues this time. You can use them when you decided to wear your most favorite cocktail dress or with your off-duty look.

Needless to say, it matters to be very creative when we try to figure out what’s the latest in trend. Of course, for you not to be left behind with the latest trend, you have to be smart enough to dress accordingly. But, always be reminded that without confidence and the right attitude, you can’t stand out even when you’re wearing the most fashionable outfit in town. Always carry yourself well and believe in yourself.